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Amazon offers a "try first, buy later" service

       Amazon, the e-commerce giant, is expanding its business to include more sophisticated services.Amazon is ahead of the consumer upgrade.

       Earlier this month, amazon launched Prime backup shopping, a "try first, buy later" service for all Prime members.An interesting early observation was that the shopping service seemed important to sports equipment companies.

       In a statement on June 21st, in addition to offering Core 10 and Peak Velocity, amazon also named adidas and puma as Prime backup suppliers.Nomura, a Japanese company, cites its own data to suggest that Prime Wardrobe now favors a relatively small number of sports brands.

       In terms of goods available, Columbia Sportswear, Puma, Adidas and New Balance are among the top 10 Sportswear brands for men.Nike was relatively low on the list.Colombia, New Balance, puma and adidas are also among the top 10 women's brands.

      Of course, other brands are also very distinctive.According to nomura, Calvin Klein, a unit of PVH group, is also a popular brand for both men and women.

      But over time, it's worth waiting to see which companies will supply Wardrobe.


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