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Why are rubber shoes so popular all over the world

The continuous high temperature makes the e-commerce industrial park of xianxian, the production base of ruian rubber shoes, become a rare place for customers.After lunch, Mr. King, who runs a wholesale shoe store called okookugo in the e-commerce park, took a nap.At present, it is the traditional off-season for the production and sales of rubber shoes.

"During the peak season, foreigners come directly to the market to place orders."In the first half of this year, Mr. King said, his store received two Indian customers and tens of thousands of orders for sneakers.According to understand, like Mr Kim in the rubber shoes wholesale electricity industrial park management entity shop manage door to 500, with foreign merchants to negotiate business directly, from time to time in India and African countries in the majority of merchants, they want cost-effective rubber shoes, don't care whether in the product.

In fact, the domestic and foreign businessmen came to the fairy fall bystreet electricity industrial park industrial area order, not the electricity industrial park built before three years how high visibility, but because of who I am Ryan rubber shoes is famous around the world.

1. With the help of marketing, international famous brands are also looking for the OEM of Ryan rubber shoes

Another name of rubber shoes called canvas shoes, because of its rubber soles, cotton cloth vamps and so on.Now, canvas shoes have become the retail end of the galoshes collectively.

The Ryan rubber shoes industry, which started in the early 1980s, has become internationally famous in the last decade or so.

Ten years ago, the domestic famous brand rubber shoes back and leap, enabled the star in the European market marketing strategy, then a lot of stars wore a boomerang, leap brand sneakers to appear in public, make the two brands canvas shoes in the European market.In fact, back then, leap and other brands of canvas shoes have started in the production of ryanair OEM.Later, some "smart" customers directly placed orders to the Ryan rubber shoe enterprises, so that more Ryan rubber shoes to the international market.

However, what has really brought a qualitative leap to ryanair's rubber shoes export is the global subprime crisis in 2008 and the London Olympics in 2012.In the wake of the subprime crisis, the global economic downturn has hit Europe hard. The income of the working class in some countries has plummeted.In 2012, the London Olympic Games held a trend of sports leisure in Europe, which can be worn daily or during sports. Canvas shoes are popular among many young people.From January to August 2012, ryanair exported nearly 5.3 million pairs of shoes to the UK, up 130 percent year on year, according to one statistic.

After the great popularity of canvas shoes in the European and American markets, some famous brands have also stepped up the promotion of canvas shoes, and the production of rubber shoes by ryanair enterprises.POLO, tommy hilfiger, hellokitty children's shoes and other famous brands of canvas shoes have all been manufactured by ryanair, according to information from the company.

From ruian shoe industry association, according to data from ruian has above 130 rubber shoes production enterprises, annual production of rubber shoes 4.5 billion pairs, of which 30% ~ 40% of the rubber shoes, including export countries in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East countries, etc., which is given priority to with the European and American countries.It is known that some brands of Ryan shoes in Colombia and other countries are equivalent to adidas and Nike in China.

"It's true that inmates in American prisons also wear ryanair sneakers.""Said liu jie, chairman of zhejiang zhongyuan shoes co.Currently, the United States is one of the major markets for ryanair shoes.

According to industry estimates, the proportion of Ryan shoes in the international market is as high as 60%.

2. Relying on e-commerce, the daily order quantity of brand Ryan shoes reaches tens of thousands

Ryan rubber shoes not only have a high market share in the international market, but also in the domestic market.Wang xiaonan, deputy secretary general of ruian shoe leather industry association, said that the domestic market share of Ryan shoes is between 60% and 70%.It is known that ruian is the largest production base of rubber shoes in China, and there are also some enterprises in shandong, fujian and guangdong.

The development of the rubber shoes industry of ryanair is traced back to the domestic market. As early as 2004, it was awarded the title of "China (Ryan) rubber shoes famous city" by China rubber industry association.Jia yousong, secretary general of the xianxiang street chamber of commerce, said that the "people-oriented" and "global" rubber shoe manufacturers on the street started to build brands at an early age to seize the domestic market.

Jie also admitted that its original focus more on the foreign trade company, but in the past two years in the domestic market demand for rubber shoes on further expanding, the company agent "spongebob squarepants" brand, from the United States to participate in the domestic market for children's shoes, at the same time increase the fila "jie", "Locke shi" the two brands of domestic market development efforts.

According to the public data, as early as 2012, the proportion of rubber shoes export and domestic sales of ryanair has not been divided up and down, about 50% each.Now, domestic sales have increased, thanks to the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years.Fairy fall street said Li Hong province, director of the economic and trade talent service center, most of the streets rubber shoes enterprises have been involved in the electricity business, so the streets will be an old industrial area into electricity industrial park.

The industry generally believes that at present, in the Ryan rubber shoe enterprise, the e-commerce has done a better job of "people-oriented", "universal" and other well-known brands of rubber shoes.It is understood that "human capital" has invited a special e-commerce team to operate, and the number of daily orders has reached tens of thousands.

"The market has been sluggish in the last two years, and the domestic market is mainly dependent on e-commerce for growth.""Said huang qingfeng, chairman of zhejiang feida shoes co. LTD.The company in various electric business platform, orders already amounted to 1000 ~ 2000, and gradually launched "navigation", "wing" of these two brands, the electricity business sales of about a quarter of the company's total sales.

It is understood that the Ryan rubber shoes are mainly concentrated in xianxiang street, yunzhou street and dongshan street.Among them, the number of rubber shoe enterprises in xianxian street is the largest, there are more than 60, focusing on the domestic market.There are more than 40 rubber shoe enterprises in yunzhou street, most of which are engaged in export business.Dongshan street rubber shoe enterprises have more than 10.

3. Heavy investment, enterprise independent original design wins the market

In many people's eyes, ryanair rubber shoes are "popular" in the domestic and foreign markets, relying on "low price" to win the market.

Is not approved, Ryan rubber shoes manufacturing enterprise, think Ryan to produce rubber shoes price is not high, but this is a common phenomenon in domestic rubber shoes, these two years, Ryan rubber shoes can attract a large number of domestic and foreign merchants, more is relying on excellent product design and development capabilities.It is understood that the factory price of ryanair rubber shoes is generally more than 20 yuan per pair.

"At the moment, larger shoe companies employ dedicated product designers and developers.""Said Mr Huang.The company employs four product design developers, each earning hundreds of thousands of yuan a year.

Liu jie's zhejiang zhongyuan shoes co., LTD is representative in product design and development.When the company was founded in 2010, liu jie, a member of the post-80s generation, paid more attention to product design and development."A few years ago, the environment was not so good that it was difficult to retain talent even when it was recruited, so the company set up its design and development center in fujian province."Liu jie revealed.

As ruian government to governance, fairy down environmental pollution and improve the living environment, liu jie in the four years ago from fujian to fairy began gradually to r&d center, the current research and development center has 60 people, including the original designers more than 10 people.

Liu jie said that the company received foreign trade orders, from design to production are basically independent operations, customers only need to confirm whether the design of the shoes to meet the requirements."The company develops thousands of products a year, and eventually produces five or six hundred."

In recent days, Mr. Liu has been excited -- it took the company a year to develop a pair of rubber-soled Martin boots that resemble leather shoes.The reporter sees the child model sample of rubber shoe Martin boot in liu jie's office, pig shoe upper and rubber sole, look from exterior, do not see close cannot distinguish it is rubber shoe.

"This kind of children's Martin boots, at the factory price of 40 to 50 yuan per pair, is more competitive than leather shoes Martin boots, the plan to enter the market in the second half of the year."Liu jie revealed.It is understood that children's leather shoes Martin boots generally cost hundreds of yuan.

Liu jie said that after the development of rubber shoes Martin boots, the corresponding technology may be applied to snow boots and other shoe products, so as to further expand the variety of rubber shoes, the market will be further opened.

"The surrounding environment is good, so the designers and developers are willing to stay, and I don't have to go back to the downtown area of ryanair."Liu jie said with a smile.


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