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How to Clean and Care for Rubber Boots

The main benefit of rubber boots is that they can easily keep your feet clean and dry as you trek through puddles and mud. The only downside to that is that they will almost always need to be cleaned off afterwards. Thankfully, cleaning them is easy. Follow the steps below.

Clean the rubber boots you will need:

1 A cloth, 2 A garden hose, 3 A hair dryer, 4 Oilver oil, 5 An art gum eraser, 6 Armor All

Steps to Clean the Boots:

1. For a quick cleaning, simply wipe the boots with a damp cloth after each use.

2. To remove mud or other grime, hose the boots off in the yard. It may take several minutes to soften thick mud enough for it to be removed. Once the majority of mud is gone, wipe any that remains off the boots with a wet cloth.

3. If you need to wear the boots right after cleaning them with the hose, wipe out any water inside the boots with a hand towel, then point a hair dryer on a low setting into each boot to help dry them out.

4. To remove scuff marks, put a few drops of oil, such as olive oil, on a soft cloth and buff off the marks.

Another method for removing scuff marks is to gently erase them with an art gum eraser

5. Add a shine to your boots by applying some Armor All or another automotive tire protectant on them every six months to a year.

Additional Tips and Advice

Never use shoe polish on rubber boots.

Always store rubber boots away from direct sunlight.

Put the boots in a brown paper grocery bag when storing them to help keep them out of the light.

Wad pieces of newspaper into balls and stuff them in the boots to help them hold their shape.


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